woman red painting

Women in red Painting by Vlad Tasoff

Oil on canvas, 2014

Women in red by Vlad Tasoff now available for sale. Size of work: 33.5 x 33.5. Price: 2010$


or contact us: vlta2006@yahoo.com

Am I seeing what I think I see
Or are my eyes playing tricks on me
Cause what I see don’t make no sense
Looking so good standing over that vent
Earth Venus in broad daylight
The Goddess of Love is in my sight
Gotta catch a hold of myself
Cause if I don’t I’ll have nothing left

Imagine you’re sitting at ring side
And I’m standing on the inside
And approaching is Miss Matador
I’m on the charge for

The woman in red
The woman in red
Like fine wine she’s going straight to my head

Stevie Wonder

My model, it was painted in 2012 and finished this picture in 2014