Visions of San Francisco, Painting by Vlad Tasoff
Oil on canvas, 2021
Size: 48.4×61 in, Price: 9410$

In the background of this artwork is pictured the sky known worldwide as:” the most beautiful sky in the world” , the city of San Francisco de Quito rises above a valley in the foothills of the Pichincha volcano. Initially during its foundation, it was called San Francisco, in fact the name that the Incas had given to this territory was Quitu, its current name: Quito received it in the year 1734, being a spanish traduction of the Incas name.
The name of Quito can be translated from the quechua language as: region, province or place.In the left side of this work is an icon of the city: “the Virgin of Quito”, holding in his hand an American dollar, which is actually the basis of the Ecuadorian economy, in the historic center of Quito it is common to hear “… dollar, dollar…”everything is bought and sold for one dollar in the best preserved historic center in Latin America.
This monument is located on the hill of the “Panecillo”, it was created in 1975 by the Spanish sculptor Agustín de la Herrán Matorras, who was inspired by the Virgen de Legarda or Apocalyptica, a sculpture of the eighteenth century by Bernardo de Legarda, one of the most important sculptors representatives of the Quito School.
In the center of the work is the convent of San Agustín, because it has a great patrimonial and historical value for Ecuadorians, there was signed the act of Independence on August 16, 1809, in fact, in the Crypt of this convent are the remains of the Patriots killed on August 2, 1810.
At the bottom of this picture are people of different classes, races and generations that make up the population of this city. The Spanish, who came in the sixteenth century, the indigenous people, the Native people of this land, a nun representing the Catholic religion, who once, and currently is the most important religious trend in the country.
Of course, the symbol of the current pandemic-a doctor, his face covered by a beak-shaped mask, used during the Black Death.

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