tenth message god painting Vlad Tasoff

The tenth message of God Painting by Vlad Tasoff

Oil on canvas, 2014

The tenth message God Painting Vlad Tasoff now available for sale.

Size of work: 66.5 x 31.5 inches. Price: 2210$.


or contact us: vlta2006@yahoo.com

Today is a big day for you.Yes, today. Keep your eyes open for a message. It might come in a shape of a bird flying overhead, or a graffiti on a wall, or a phrase said by a passerby, or… Whatever shape it has, this message has been trying to reach you for years, and today is finally the day. Keep your senses open…

God has put a deeper intelligence within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater life of service and fulfillment in the world. This is the most important thing. It is by recognizing this and learning to follow this, step by step, that you become united, reunited, with your Source, your power and your true direction in life.

The Lord of the universe does not care what your religious beliefs are. It is only whether they can bring you to this core experience and authority within yourself that really matters. Belief is weak. Adulation may not be true and authentic. Religious belief can be used to oppress or to deny others, as is so often the case here in this world.

Believing in God is not enough. You must find and follow what God has sent you here to do, and that is something your intellect cannot discern. It is not the product of intellectual inquiry. It is not a product of speculation or debate. It is something that is intrinsic within you that is waiting to be discovered.

And you need this more than anything else to find your strength, your courage, your protection in the world and your true direction in life, facing now a world of political and economic upheaval; facing now a world of environmental change and violent weather; facing now the greatest change that has ever come to the human family as a whole, the Great Waves of change, for which you must now prepare. You do not know how to prepare for this, but Knowledge within you can lead you forward and enable you to navigate the uncertain times ahead.