Eclectic sketch Vlad Tasoff

Eclectic sketch painting  by Vlad Tasoff

Oil on canvas, 2014

Eclectic sketch painting by Vlad Tasoff, now available for sale. Size of work: 39,4 x 39,4 inches. Price 2750$. (Sold)

  or contact us:, Flowers are a wonderful source of inspiration with their colour and form, their role in nature and poetry, whether they’re in a vase or the garden for people from all walks of life. The flowers are a part of our life, make us happy and also give us a reason to show our feelings. A flower will never be associated to the lie, hypocrisy and cheat. By itself, the flower can command respect and also bring to light the deepest emotions.
More often, the flowers are the messenger of love and passion and respect, making the eyes and especially the soul happy. Flowers have always been a major source of inspiration for artists, from Old Masters to contemporary artists as: Archimboldo, Frans Snyders, Francisco de Zurbaran, Balthasar van der Ast, Jan Davidszoon de Heem, Willem van Aelst, Mone etc.,